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A serious business needs serious software to run it. UDS has supplied software to the green industry since 1980. We make high level business software that mimics the processes found in successful green industry companies. The software is highly adaptable to your way of doing business yet it is easy to use. The knowledge of the work flow processes found in your company is what makes ActiveApplications work for you. You can learn to bend the software to your business purposes quickly and easily.

UDS Software is Trade Marked as ActiveApplications. There are two versions. AA SQL, which is a windows program with a Microsoft SQL Server database engine. It is the most powerful and scalable solution for companies in the green industry. UDS also has AA Standard which is a windows application using the Microsoft Access database. It is designed for companies with less than ten users. It is the economical choice of the green industry software. UDS also sells through our AA web site, will become your source for weather resistant tags and labels, for printed tags and labels, for thermal transfer printers,  for TAGmaker computer software, and for on demand design and print services. If you are in the green industry and have issues with your tags and labels, printers or printer software, AA Tags is your solution.

You get more done with fewer people and less effort because the software matches your business process.  It can do this because of its unique design.  ActiveApplications is developed to work with Windows in a way unique to UDS software. See how the design of AA is unique by visiting our systems design web site. is the site.

UDS Green Industry Software Web Site OverviewTo see a web site overview click this link. A site map will be displayed with a description of the primary web sties.

Contact UDS for more information. Phone 800-626-7247 Exension 203 in USA or 1 616 942-8142 Extension 203 for more information.

The full function integrated accounting applications are what multiplies your efforts. Immediate financial results are known by simply performing your day to day business functions. Because ActiveApplications is designed for the green industry, all of the functions you need and many you have not thought of, are already programmed and ready for you to use.

Register for an on line demonstration to receive your user name and password. you will then be able to run the ActiveApplications demos 24x7 for the next 30 days. It is recommended you schedule an on-line demonstration or call us for an instant look. It is all simple with ActiveApplications.  

If your company is a grower, retailer and/or landscaper we have fully integrated accounting applications for you. If you are in the Green Industry or are an affiliated member of the Green industry and you are considering new accounting software, you must review our Green Industry Software.


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